Parenting Workshop

Special Gift for those who care about families

Parenting Workshop

Most of the parents always worry about their children & don’t know how to deal with them. They may not know the fact that all children are unique in the way they process information and learn things from their parents. This Successful Parenting online workshop by Sneh Desai is especially for all such parents. Through this workshop, you will learn parenting skills to tackle your children ageing from 2 to 20 years.

You can educate yourself to educate your child. Parents can apply real-life parenting techniques, taught in this workshop. You will find so many parenting advice in this workshop, which will teach you how to deal with your children. Your educational books did not teach your child psychology, that’s why you respond the same way your parents did. No one taught your parents child psychology…

Someone needs to break this chain & upgrade because with time new generation children are more advanced than ever. Parents have a huge part to play in understanding & supporting their children’s emotional & social needs. Packed with expert advice, key strategies and examples of positive parenting, Sneh Desai reveals the secrets of raising happy, confident & well-adjusted children.

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Workhop is Breakthrough Guide to know How to be a Bettre Parent

Golden Universal Parenting Principles

  • Learn Secrets & Prerequisite of Successful Parenting
  • Understand Child Psychology
  • Learn to create healthy & growing environment for your child
  • Successful Parenting skills to shape your child’s behaviour
  • Manage your child’s fear and exam phobia
  • Improve Your Relationship and Communication with your child
  • Assess your parenting style for teamwork & family unity

Few things to Remember about your Child

Who is your Child?

  • Your child is not you
  • Your child is reflection of your actions & thoughts
  • Exam results are not the measurement of his talent
  • If you Lose temper, you are the loser
  • No job is more important than being a parent
  • Listening is more important than advising
  • Treat the problem not the child

What People Can Do is Amazing but What People Actually Do is Disappointing.

What celebrities say...

“Sneh’s programs are adding great value to life. I attended it with my entire family.”
“Sneh is a divine soul spreading peace in lives of people.”
“I teach body Yoga & Sneh teaches Mind Yoga, one should surely attend his program.”

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