Dynamic Memory Workshop

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Dynamic Memory Online Workshop

You need a few techniques that can help you to build long-lasting memory to remember things, events, Important Details of Day to Day Life Quickly, Effectively and Efficiently. This New Year, take the time to reinvigorate your brain neurons by joining our most Effective Dynamic Memory Online Workshop.

Many Times Remembering Names, Facts & Numbers, Appointments, Important Dates of Personal and Professional Life is as important as getting Appraisal or Extra Marks in exams or proving your love to your Loved Ones…… 

You can Impress Anyone with better Reading Speed, Fast Remembering, Quick Calculations, Huge Vocabulary, Effective Understanding & Reasoning.

Eating Almonds & Walnut is a Traditional Method to increase Memory. Surely it will provide necessary Nutrition but you need Brain Exercise that can make the Brain cells more Stronger. A Study should include Methods and Techniques, which include the involvement of Body & Mind, involve all Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic ways, still gives Excitement and Fun and is more Productive & Result Orientation.

It has Scientific Approach, Demonstrations, Tests, Flexibility of Timing, Affordability, and Designed for Students as well as Professionals for better career approach.

Course Content

Linking Method 

Mechanism of Memory & Acronym Method 

Chunking Method  

How to remember names & Faces 

Pegging Method 

How to Learn Foreign Language 

How to remember birthdays 

How to remember phone numbers and appointments 

How to remember Maps 

How to remember Datelines, Facts and Figures 

How to remember Science Phenomena 

How to remember Long-numbered Digits 

How to remember 200- Digits 

Faster Reading Exercises 

How to study Mathematics (Vedic Mathematics) 

How to Remember Long Answers, Essays & Chapters 

How to Mind Map 

Judicious Technique (How to make Physics & Chemistry Easy) 

Mechanical Technique

How Much Time Should We Study 

Study Time Required to Get Top Rank 

What is the Best Time to Study 

How to Sit for a Long Time to Study

Knowledge not used is garbage !

What celebrities say...

Started showing the benefits of linking method in the first term examinations... Thank you, sir
Simply Awesome
Kartik Gupta, Student
I would like to thank Mr Sneh Desai for Wonderful course on Dynamic memory workshop. I learnt many think because of this course like visualisation, Linking method, peg word and many more to increase memory power with a simple technique. Thank you so much!
Excellent Memory Workshop
Rituraj Vats, Student
Great unbelievable all powers are within us thanks a lot Sneh sir God Bless You.
Secret of successful memory
Avadut Patil, Student

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