“Don’t wait for an opportunity, create it” – This attitude is what makes Mr. Sandip Gajjar a cut above the rest. To put it in one word, he is a “Solutionist”. From guiding start-ups to taking large businesses to the next level and from entrepreneurs to giant corporates, he has answers for all ventures.

His solution providing knack is not restricted to one technique. Business coach, motivational speaker, author and passionate management trainer are some of the hats he wears from time to time. His more than two decades of experience in corporate sales and training, empower him with deep insight and excellence that are hard to compete. Several companies have quadrupled their revenue through their training sessions. These seminars have also helped them to confidently deal with day-to-day business challenges. To add to this, his workshops on leadership, growth strategy and business networking have furthered small and medium-sized firms as well as corporate houses.

Sandip Gajjar as a solutionist is beyond consulting. This is because there is no organization which has not benefitted from his advice. Enterprises from healthcare, finance, F&B, construction, retail and companies from various other sectors have experienced revolutionization.

His quick understanding of business models and problem areas makes him a popular customized troubleshooter. Meet him for a one to one solution and see the complication unfold into result. Once onboard, leave all your business concerns to him and sail through the suggested route. Sales, marketing, strategy, new market penetration, export, employee restructuring, smoothening of business operations, all this and more is just a step away from you. Currently, Gajjar is the consulting CEO of Snehworld and is mentoring the business genius programme. In just six months participants have seen substantial growth.

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